REFFCO is a veterinary pharmaceutical company; it's headquarter in Switzerland, dedicated to the welfare of farm animals and livestock. It's our vision to ensure that internationally we can assist farmers to have healthier and stronger animal livestock. The company's long-term objective is to provide the right tools within the animal healthcare market through the right products, services and people.

REFFCO is a reputable supplier of veterinary pharmaceuticals products which are specifically manufactured for preventing and solving health problems within the livestock industry. We are continuously looking at our customers' needs and are proactively investing our resources in the development of products and services which will benefit the veterinary industry internationally. We believe that we will serve our customers better by offering a broader range of animal health solutions which will be of exceptional quality at an attractive price.

One of our additional strengths are that we have a global network of Research and Development teams who work together in finding the necessary dedicated farming solutions from region to region. We at Reffco are internationally well positioned which enables us to adapt our products and services to meet local specifications and demand.

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